Monday, August 4, 2014

Lost and Found by Colleen Coble

Book Title:Lost and Found (Amazon link)
Author:Colleen Coble
Genre:Realistic Fiction
Reviewer:Madison (age 11)
Fourteen-year-old Emily O’Reilly and her best friend Olivia Webster have a knack for solving mysteries. Emily has been busily training her new puppy Sherlock to be a Search and Rescue dog so that the two can lead search-and-rescue missions someday. So when Emily stumbles across an old photo of Olivia’s adoption day—a fact that has never been revealed to Olivia—the two quickly decide to uncover the mysterious details surrounding Olivia’s birth parents.

But the two bite off more than they can chew as they dig into learning more about Olivia’s adoption without notifying her parents. And to make matters worse, Emily’s mother Marika, a convicted felon recently released on parole, will stop at nothing to contact her daughter—a fact that Emily is not happy about.

When her beloved stepmother Naomi disappears, Emily takes it upon herself to connect the dots and conduct her own snow-bound search-and-rescue mission with Sherlock. Will Emily ever find the secret behind Naomi’s disappearance? And will Olivia ever learn the truth about her adopted parents?

Introduction: This book is about Emily. She is training her puppy named Sherlocks to be a search and rescue dog.

Brief description: Emily has many problems. One thing is her mom was convicted of murder. Her name is Marika. Marika tries to get Emily to leave her father but what is the real reason she wants Emily for?

My favorite part . . .
is when Drake Wilson is saying something stupid (too long to put here!) and Emily thinks, "she resisted the urge to roll her eyes" (pg. 163).

I'd recommend this book . . .
to anyone who loves dogs, adventure and mischief.


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