Monday, June 9, 2014

The DreamKeeper by Mikey Brooks

Book Title:The DreamKeeper (Amazon link)
Author:Mikey Brooks
Reviewer:Madison (age 10)

Dreams: Dorothy called it Oz, Alice called it Wonderland, but Nightmares call it HOME. 

When an evil shifter takes over the gateway to the realm of Dreams, it falls to 14-year-olds Parker and Kaelyn to stop him. Their only hope lies with Gladamyr, the Dream Keeper, but can they trust a Nightmare to save their world? 

There is our world and the Dream world, where we go when we fall asleep.

Brief description:
There is two parts that are divided. One is called Nightmares where all the Nightmares are born and what the Nightmare becomes.

My favorite part:
My favorite part is when Kaelyn and Parker become friends and meet in both of the worlds, Dreams and Earth.

I'd recommend this book . . .
For its imagination and adventures.


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